Risk Analytics

ICRA Analytics risk analytics offerings help you identify key risk variables with the use descriptive analytics and develop models which enable risk-aware decisions. The overall benefit includes better streamlined processes which are dynamic in nature and ensure efficiency in compliance to regulations.

  1. Model Development
    • Probability of Default
    • Probability of Attrition
    • Probability of Going Delinquent or Increasing Delinquency
  2. Model Validation
    • Performance of Existing Models Based On Pre-Determined Criteria
    • Interpretation of the Results of Model Validation and Recommendations Thereof
  3. Risk Reporting
    • Distribution of Credit Scores
    • Distribution of Delinquencies and Exposure at Risk
    • Distribution of Credit Limits across Different Score Bands
    • Tracking Of High-Risk Accounts with Utilizations Greater Than 90%
  4. Strategic Analysis
    • Approval Strategy
    • Assignment of Credit Limit
    • Underwriting Policy
      • Criteria for Automatic Approval
      • Criteria for Manual Approval