MFI Insurance Explorer

Product performance reporting through MFI Insurance Explorer significantly increases management and advisor"s efficiency and credibility, while offering greater level of flexibility in generating such reports. MFI Insurance Explorer is a desktop based analytical tool for life insurance which comes bundled with a comprehensive industry data from ICRA Analytics. With daily updates for any feature change, new entry and NAVs your reports are always the most updated and accurate helping you make critical investment decisions and select the product with the optimum combination of features required by your client.

With an inbuilt engine for premium calculation for term insurance your advisor can now submit premium approximation without waiting for manufacturer"s response. Industry data on lives covered, policy sold and premium collection at manufacturer level gives insight into the manufacturer"s comparative performance.

Salient Features

  1. Large inbuilt report library MFI Insurance Explorer comes with a vast collection of inbuilt reports which adds to perspective and flexibility to analyze insurance products. Our reports comprise performance analysis and feature comparison.
  2. Data quality ICRA Analytics content management team ensures that only the correct data goes into MFI Explorer. This increases the reliability and consistency of reports many folds.
  3. Data availability MFI Insurance Explorer has feature for ULIP, traditional and term insurance policies. Any change in these features are proactively captured into the system and updated in user"s database. This involves adding and modifying various policy features across the product portfolio.


  1. Compare ULIP products for their returns and ratios with flexibility to define the parameters for calculation. Benchmark fund returns with indices.
  2. Create your own template for reporting; pick and chose the datapoints you want to display in the report.
  3. Estimate premium outgo for given cover range for term policies.
  4. Get to know industry growth in terms of new policies issued and premium collected per manufacturer.